Hi, I’m Laura

I’m Laura, I’m the Founder of Sunday Inspire and the Founder and Author of Those Positive Thoughts.

I started my first blog Those Positive Thoughts in November 2016 and in April 2019  I quit my full time job to pursue blogging. Woohoo! I now work on both blogs alongside a part time job!

My goal behind Sunday Inspire is to teach ambitious women how start a blog, grow your blog and monetise your blog! So you too can quit your 9-5 job!

But, I want to be completely honest with you! So please note that starting a blog is easy but turning a blog into an sustainable income takes a lot of hard work.

There might be some lucky individuals who have started a blog and made money quickly, but for the majority of us it takes dedication, consistency, persistence and passion!

But it’s 100% possible!

Where to start?

  • If you’re interested in reading my full story on how I quit my full time job then read this post here!
  • If you’re ready to start a blog, check out my step by step guide.
  • If you have a blog but are struggling to grow it, check out my top tips here.

Laura x