Last month I said goodbye to my full-time corporate job to pursue blogging. Woohoo!

And while this is amazing, I want to be completely honest and transparent in this post. Because I know how easy it is to compare ourselves with others and wonder why we aren’t making any progress.

So don’t get me wrong, as catchy as the title of this post is, I don’t want to leave out the fact that I’ve found a local part time job as an Office Manager, because, you know… bills!

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How i quit my full time job to pursue blogging


I started my first blog Those Positive Thoughts, in December 2016, at the time I was looking for a creative outlet. I had tried a few other hobbies but none of them stuck, I tried taking French classes in the evening, I gave arts and crafts a go but these hobbies just didn’t stick. I then thought about starting a blog, I use to read blogs a lot as I’m a Pinterest addict and found most of them though Pinterest.

As soon as I mentioned the idea to my Fiance who works in IT, he couldn’t resist helping me get the blog set up!

It all seemed very scary at the beginning and I was too shy to share my blog with anyone. For some reason I felt embarrassed telling friends and family about the idea. Which sounds ridiculous now, but at the time blogging bought a lot of my insecurities to the surface. And for that, I couldn’t be more thankful.

If I hadn’t of started blogging then I never would have stepped out of my comfort zone. My insecurities would have remained unchallenged and I simply would have accepted fear as part of who I am, instead of pushing myself to become more and do more.

When I first started blogging, I would have shut down the majority of the content which I currently create, out of pure fear and lack of confidence. I would never of created my own YouTube channel or sold my own products. I was even too scared to post photos of myself on my Instagram page.

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Although I have never taken a break from blogging and I’ve always been very consistent with writing and publishing blog posts, my journey has been full of ups and downs.

Like most of us, I find it very easy to compare myself and my journey with others. When I read incredible (but almost unbelievable) income reports from bloggers, who are earning a full time salary from their blog, in less than a year it’s easy to wonder what you’re doing wrong.

I’ve had months with amazing traffic, with my best month reaching over 300k pageviews! Followed by months where it feels like no one is engaging with your content. Which may sound ridiculous when I just told you the stats from my best month, but I’m human as I get used to certain figures and a certain amount of engagement, and when it drops it can be disheartening.

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I’ll admit that during my first year and a half of blogging I was completely winging it. I refused to spend money on my blog because at the time, my blog wasn’t earning any money. However, by not investing in my blog and in myself, it took me years to figure out how to grow my blog.

5 day profit plan

2018 was the year that I put more effort into my blog, I started by investing in the 5 day profit plan* by Alison from Wonderlass. This course fast tracked my growth by helping me strategically plan out my year, I wish I had invested in an online course at the beginning of my blogging journey and saved myself time and confusion.

1-1 coaching

At the beginning of December 2018 I invested in 1-1 mindset coaching with Sam Laura Brown. I had been a huge fan of Sam since I started blogging and I listened to every one of her podcast episodes on “The Perfectionism Project”.

Since Sam announced that she will be taking on clients for 1-1 coaching, I had been playing with the idea in my head. I was super keen to have Sam as my coach but with the cost being over £1,000, I just couldn’t justify that amount of money.

Until November 2018 approached and work started getting very busy and very stressful, to the point where I dreaded going in! I knew that I didn’t want to work another year here, but I felt stuck with a 3 month notice period and not knowing what to do once I leave.

I decided to invest some of the money which I had earned from my blog in 2018, into 1-1 coaching with Sam.

The coaching lasted for 6 weeks and by mid January 2019, I had finished my first ever coaching experience.

It was helpful to see myself through someone else’s eyes and to have a coach support me with projects, and help me push past my comfort zone.

Hiring a coach was definitely an encouraging and motivating experience and I believe it was the final push I needed to leave my full time job to purse blogging and take my future into my own hands.

A few weeks after my coaching had finished, I handed in my notice at work.


In January 2018 I handed in my notice at my secure but unfulfilling job to pursue blogging. I worked as a Team Assistant for a corporate company in London. And to be honest, I had been wanting to leave this job for over a year! But I stuck it out, wondering what would be the best thing to do next. Not knowing the answer, I stayed put.

I didn’t hate my job, but I didn’t love it…

2019 came around and I decided that I didn’t want to work another year at a place which left me feeling unfulfilled. I wanted to make things happen this year. I wanted to make a change in my life.

I handed in my notice at the end of January but I had a long wait, with a 3 month notice period!

Leaving my full time job was an exciting but difficult decision to make as I’m earning much less from my blog as I was from my 9-5 job. However I knew that it was something I had to do.

I knew that if I didn’t take the opportunity now to pursue blogging then I might never do it. I’m certain that with hard work, dedication and passion, my blog income will soon over take my previous 9-5 salary with the added freedom of working for myself, doing something I love.


My plan to purse blogging wasn’t perfect, but it was worth it. My plan was to find a part time job which would allow me more time to grow my blog while still paying the bills.

But I wasn’t in a rush to find a part time job. I had saved up enough money (2 months salary) to live off for a couple of months which meant I had time to find the right job. One with good working hours and a location which was close to home.

Did that mean a pay cut? 

Going full time to part time would reduce my monthly income significantly, but it also meant I would have a much better work-life balance and most importantly it meant I had more time to do the thing I loved. My blog.

For full transparency

For full transparency I would also like to mention that I live with my Fiance, and while we both work and support the household I found comfort in knowing that Ash supported by decision.


Now you might be thinking, “but how do you actually make money from blogging?”

There are various ways you can make money from your blog, below are the three main ways I currently earning an income online.

Adverts: The main way I currently earn money online is through advertising. I use to have adverts with Google Adsense, until recently heard about Mediavine through a Facebook group. It took a month to get approved and set up my adverts with Mediavine but I am so glad I made the switch as Mediavine had doubled by advert income in comparison to Google Adsence. To join Mediavine you need 25,000 sessions a month to join making them more accessible to smaller bloggers.

Digital products: I set up my own woo-commerce shop which meant I was able to create and sell digital products such as e-books and calendars. Setting up my shop with woo-commerce means I can sell products directly on my shop and avoid seller fees which you would find on Etsy and eBay.

I have set up a free account with Teachable where I create and sell online course. With my courses I also offer a 30-day money back guarantee as it believe in my products and I want my audience to know that they can invest on my courses risk free!

Affiliate links: The last way I make money from blogging is through affiliate links. This is something which I want to work on more to increase my profit. Some of the affiliate programmes which I am associated with include Amazon, Sitegroundand Wonderlass 5 Day Profit Plan. Affiliate programmes allows you earn a small commission when someone purchases a product or a service through your affiliate link, at no extra cost to the buyer.


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